Salvatore Greco is a New York police officer with an unblemished record of service to the people of New York over the last 12 years, working the graveyard shift in some of the most dangerous precincts in New York City to keep our citizens safe.

Now this son of Staten Island is being persecuted and terminated by the New York Police Department, despite the support of the PBA simply because he supported President Donald Trump in his free time and became a friend and supporter of Trump-loyalist and American hero Roger Stone.

While it is true that, taking time off from his police duties, Sal Greco was in Washington DC January 5th and 6th to attend a legally permitted peaceful protest as a private citizen, he was not at the US Capitol and has violated no rules or laws.

Sal Greco is being fired simply because of his support for Trump and Stone, losing the pension that he has paid into for 12 years while turning in a spotless record of service


Now Sal Greco has no choice but to sue Mayor Eric Adams and the New York Police department to recover his pension and to disprove the politically motivated and false charges that he has done anything wrong.

Help this brave Italian American police officer fight political correctness and the injustice of his termination. Contribute today to help Sal Greco finance a powerful lawsuit against those who seek to destroy him and his law enforcement career.

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